Friday, October 30, 2009

(Not So Wee) Witch's Night Out

Here is the last of the posts I found in drafts from last year. I know the date on here says October 2009 but it's actually July 2010 as I write this. Once this is posted maybe I'll post something a little more current.....but that's a big MAYBE! Not in much of a blogging mood lately.....anyway.....
Fall has always been my favorite time of year and the past few years going to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village has been one of the fun things about the Fall season. We always have so much fun and this year was no different.

Audrey, Shanowa, Kathleen, April

We had gone to the witches pageant a couple of weeks before this where Hyperspeed Helga (wearing green) had been crowned the Witch Queen. She had been our pick to win and we had been hoping to see her so we could get our picture with her. Yay, we did!

Bethany and fellow witches dancing the night away

Very creative (and disgusting!)

April and Kath

Shawn's 40th Birthday

Kristin planned a fun party for Shawn's 40th birthday. Since he's a huge Phillie's fan that of course was the theme of the party. There were many friends and family who came to celebrate with him.

Kristin is reading the answer's to the "Shawn's Life" trivia quiz

Kristin made the cute birthday cake

Dad, Jake, with Darrel and April at the end of the table
Kristin and Shawn with his old roommates Lynn and JaredWhitney, Tony and Jack
Shawn's family: Ken, Kim,dad Ralph, Casey and her fiance
Go Phillie's!!!

Family Halloween Party

Here's another post I found in my drafts that never got posted!

It has become a tradition the past few years (with the arrival of all the grandchildren) to have a family Halloween party. We usually do it at Grandma and Grandpa's clubhouse and the kids and even some of the adults come in their costumes. This year, in addition to the usual crafts and games, Mom presented a lesson to the grandkids on how to wash their hands effectively. She had a video presentation as well as a black light so they could see all the "germs" on their hands. Mom told them they should wash their hands as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday or the ABC's. I understand some of my nieces and nephews have really taken that to heart!

The kids are looking at the germs on their hands under the table with the black light.

The adult doughnut eating contest. I can't remember for sure but I think Stephanie won and I came in a close second.

Nathan and Grandma
Libby, Ellie and Kylan doing Halloween crafts.
My cute nieces and nephews in the costumes.

Nathan and Ellie
Mallory and Libby
Kierra, Keaton and Kylan
The 2 Snow Whites, Ellie and Libby
Nemo aka Nathan
Calli, Kathleen, Stephanie, Kristin
Shawn with his "beloved Phillies" pumpkin.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My weekend with the 3 K's

This is one of several posts I found in my drafts from last October. I guess it's about time I go ahead and post them!

Dan and Calli went out of town for the weekend a few weeks ago to celebrate Calli's birthday so I got to hang out with my cute niece and nephews for a few days. We had fun together watching the Brady Bunch marathon, the only show we could all agree on, (should I be embarrassed that I, a 43 year old woman, enjoy the same TV show as a 2, 3, and 5 year old?). We also had fun playing in the backyard, playing Batman, going to McDonald's (where Keaton and Kierra both said they have a lot of friends), shopping at Wal-Mart, and finally walking around the grounds of the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.

I am lucky to have such great nieces and nephews!

Kiki at McDonald's playland

Keaton and Kylan with one of their McDonald's "friends"

At the Oquirrh Mountain Temple grounds

When Dan & Calli got home from their weekend we had birthday cake. Dan had ordered this fancy cake from a bakery that does wedding cakes, he even helped design this beautiful cake.

I wanna be a witch too...

When I dropped Elisabeth off at home after "Wee Witches Night" Nathan wanted to try on his sister's witches hat. Isn't he adorable?!!! Well, they both are!

Trying on Stephanie's hat too.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wee Witches Weekend

For the past few years my friends and I have attended "Witches Night Out" at Gardner Village and it's something I now look forward to each October because we always have so much fun. This year Gardner Village has added "Wee Witches Weekend" for the younger crowd and I thought it would be fun to take my nieces. Kristin, Libby, Mallory, Calli, Kierra, Elisabeth and I went last Saturday evening and had a great time. We missed having Stephanie (who was sick with the stomache flu) and Mom (who was tending to Stephanie and also to Jakob who was recovering from surgery)with us. We wish Sheena and Maryn could have been there too but they live toooo far away!
Enjoy some pictures of our fun time!

Kierra, Mallory, Elisabeth & Libby...what cute little witches!

Kristin and her girls

I just couldn't resist taking pictures of my adorable nieces!

Kiki tossing beanbags with Libby and Ellie looking on.

Ellie taking her turn at the beanbag toss.

Such goofy least a couple of them!
Making lollipop spiders

Mallory, intently working on her spider

Showing off their finished lollipop spiders

The girls were a little hesitant at first to go up on stage but once they did it was hard to get them to come down. They had so much fun dancing to the fun music and as you can see, climbing the railing

The girls with Lucinda, the Gardner Village witch
We wanted our picture with Lucinda too!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Manti Pageant

Jake and Steph invited me to go to the Manti Pageant with them back in June. Mom came too and we all had a good time. We stayed overnight at the Manti House Bed and Breakfast (staying overnight is definitely the way to go rather than fighting the traffic!).

Mom, Jake, Ellie, Steph and Nathan waiting for the pageant to begin.

Ellie with some cast members before the show.

The beautiful Manti Temple

The Manti House Bed and Breakfast. We actually stayed across the street in the owners home. We had the 3 upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. The rooms were decorated really cute, each with their own theme.

Ellie in the Hawaiian room that she and I stayed in. Jake, Steph and Nathan stayed in the sports themed room and Mom stayed in the Princess room that even had a bed that looked like Cinderella's carriage.
Waiting for breakfast over at the Manti House.

The next morning we walked around the temple grounds before driving home. Jake and Steph were married here 7 years ago and now here they are with their 2 beautiful children!

Grandma, Nathan and Elisabeth
Nathan just laughed and laughed while repeatedly hitting Aunt Kath...what a brute!!!