Friday, October 30, 2009

(Not So Wee) Witch's Night Out

Here is the last of the posts I found in drafts from last year. I know the date on here says October 2009 but it's actually July 2010 as I write this. Once this is posted maybe I'll post something a little more current.....but that's a big MAYBE! Not in much of a blogging mood lately.....anyway.....
Fall has always been my favorite time of year and the past few years going to Witches Night Out at Gardner Village has been one of the fun things about the Fall season. We always have so much fun and this year was no different.

Audrey, Shanowa, Kathleen, April

We had gone to the witches pageant a couple of weeks before this where Hyperspeed Helga (wearing green) had been crowned the Witch Queen. She had been our pick to win and we had been hoping to see her so we could get our picture with her. Yay, we did!

Bethany and fellow witches dancing the night away

Very creative (and disgusting!)

April and Kath

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Brian and Carly said...

Hmmm Lady. Does this post really say Oct 2009? Need I remind you that we have now entered 2011 and miss you and your bloggie blog? Hope all is well. Love ya!